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Selecting the right attorney to handle your personal injury case can be daunting.

Every lawyer seems to advertise that they are the right attorney for you. But do they actually know what they’re doing? Attorneys, by the nature of what we do, are supposed to talk a good game. Many do. If you are smart, you hear their slick speech or smooth sales talk and you are left wondering if what the attorney says has merit or if it’s all snake oil. There is no Top 25 AP Poll for lawyers and so many of the personal injury lawyer advertisements you see will offer the same sales pitch and claim the same awards and recognitions.

So how do you know if you have found the best personal injury attorney in Austin for you? The following are free tips from board certified personal injury attorneys meant to aid you in determining if your lawyer really has a clue:

Are you meeting with an attorney?

Many attorneys and firms advertise themselves as the product, rather than any of their individual attorneys.  Don’t hire a brand. Hire a person, a professional.  After all, it is the person, the professional, who will make the decisions that impact your ability to receive fair and just compensation for your injuries.  A brand name does not call an insurance adjuster or argue to a judge.  Your lawyer does!   When you meet with your lawyer, are you actually meeting the guy you see in the advertisement?  If not, ask to meet them.  Many attorneys are busy and will have a qualified and dedicated staff to help sign up your case.   On its own, this should not be a concern. A real trial lawyer doesn’t spend their entire week behind a desk at their office.  They should be in court, depositions, mediations, and out working for their clients.  But when you hire an attorney, you should be able to meet that attorney.  If your case is too small for the big guy on the advertisement to meet with you in person, then you haven’t found the best personal injury attorney for your case.

At Gibbs & Crivelli, we will make ourselves available for you in your time of need.  Drew and Scott will meet with you themselves, personally.  We would be proud to review your case and let you size us up. If we don’t meet your expectations, you have no obligation to entrust us with your case.

Meet us now

Has this lawyer taken a personal injury case to trial? Ever? Or even in this decade?

Many attorneys claim to have been successful in the courtroom with little proof to offer.  The truth is, most cases settle before they get tried to a jury.  Over 90%!  Many “successful” personal injury attorneys have made money without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.  A fancy watch, luxury car, or house on the lake isn’t a qualification to handle your case.

Insurance adjusters determine the value of your case based on many factors.  One of those factors is the question, “How likely is your attorney to try the case and try it well?”  The adjusters know if your attorney is a true trial lawyer, even when you don’t.  If they don’t believe your lawyer can try your case, this will cost you many thousands of dollars in settlement discussions.

Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.” Any lawyer can thump their chest and claim to be a fighter.  Until your lawyer has taken a swing at an insurance giant, and seen that giant swing back, they aren’t ready to fight for you.  Ask your attorney how many jury trials they have tried to verdictLet us tell you about our experiences in the courtroom.

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How Gibbs & Crivelli Work to Be the Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Austin for You:

Drew and Scott have spent their careers serving others and earning their chops in the courtroom.

Scott spent the first six years of his career as a U.S. Army Prosecutor and Trial Defense Counsel, as well as Special Assistant United States Attorney, after being picked up by the highly selective U.S. Army JAG Corps program.  During that time he tried dozens of high profile cases to verdict all over the country, many of which were covered by national news outlets.  Since leaving active duty service, he has continued to try jury trials all over Texas.

Drew’s career took a parallel route when he took a job serving as a criminal prosecutor for the Henderson County Attorney’s Office in Athens, Texas.  His first trial as a prosecutor put a convicted child rapist and kidnapper behind bars for the rest of his life on a parole violation.  From there, Drew moved on to become a trial lawyer for the insurance companies, handling trucking cases and complex construction litigation.  He has tried more than fifty jury trials and has obtained Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Law from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a credential held by a very slim percentage of lawyers who called themselves “personal injury lawyers.”

Combining hard fought trial experience and dedication to mastery of the law has helped Gibbs & Crivelli’s attorneys to obtain  thousands of verdicts and settlements for injured clients in their greatest time of need.

Do they understand all the potential issues and angles?

Obtaining fair compensation for a client’s injury isn’t easy.   The legal process is laced with pitfalls intended to deny you the justice you expect.

Does the attorney know how to find out the maximum limits of the other person’s insurance policy?  Can they explain the available insurance policies from which you may recover for your injuries?

Does the attorney handle other types of cases?  You wouldn’t go to a foot doctor for a headache.  You don’t need a family or criminal lawyer to help you with your personal injury case.  Personal injury law a is a very unique and specific area of the law with its own procedures and rules.  On the other side are insurance giants waiting to stomp your case out.

How Gibbs & Crivelli Work to Be the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Austin for You:

We meet this standard from the beginning.  We are prepared from the moment we first meet to discuss the issues involved in your case and how we will specifically address them.  We will provide a custom plan for your case resolution and a detailed explanation of your case valuation based on the information available.

Can they help you navigate through the medical system?

Did you know a hospital commonly put a lien on your settlement without submitting their bill to your health insurance in order to maximize their profit?  Did you know that an insurance company may seek payment from your own car insurance and collect charges that are multiples of what you may own under your health insurance plan?  Or that when bills are submitted to your health insurance, you may have to pay back your health insurance for the benefits they paid?  Did you know that many doctor’s offices will flat refuse to even see patients involved in car wrecks for fear of getting caught up with the complex personal injury claim process?   

If you or your attorney don’t have a plan going in, you can end up working for the hospital or your insurance company and losing money.  The insurance giants have tactics you can’t foresee to deny, defend and delay your claim. 

How Gibbs & Crivelli Work to Be the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Austin for You:

Through our local relationships and intricate knowledge of the insurance system, we can assist you in the process of getting correctly diagnosed, treated and compensated.  We also can ensure you never pay more for your treatment than is fair.  At Gibbs & Crivelli, we have extensive experience in fighting and suing hospitals over unfair billing practices aimed at misappropriating your settlement to their own excessive benefit.  Insurance giants are often not the only enemy you face. Hospital and subrogation companies commonly seek to take advantage of you.  We’ll be there to fight those giants too.

We aren’t doctors and won’t offer medical advice, but through our experience in working with thousands of clients and dozens of doctors in relevant specialties, we are well-versed in the medical treatment protocols and administrative policies necessary to get you proper medical care and just compensation.

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