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Case Results


Slingshot Law secured this settlement for a couple injured by a distracted driver traveling between work meetings. Our clients suffered serious orthopedic and brain-related injuries as a result of the crash that followed. Three separate insurance carriers fought us all the way to the courthouse steps, but in the days before trial became more serious about offering fair compensation for the harms and losses our clients endured. The tireless work of Slingshot Law paid off in the form of a settlement that will provide for all of our clients’ future medical and financial needs. Please put your phone down and pay attention to the road so this doesn’t happen to someone else!


When a local black college student was peacefully protesting against the murder of George Floyd, he was struck in the back of his head by a less-than-lethal round fired by a police officer, causing a permanent traumatic brain injury. Slingshot Law was part of a three firm legal team that helped the young man obtain the largest civil rights settlement in City of Austin history.


A young couple tragically lost their unborn child as a result of a violent T-bone collision caused by a negligent driver running a red light. It became clear the driver’s employer had negligently entrusted him with a work vehicle when the police arrested him at the scene on a warrant for a previous hit & run collision. No amount of money can ever replace what our clients lost that tragic day, but Slingshot Law was able to settle their case for the maximum compensation available under the applicable insurance policies.


Two brothers were involved in a rollover collision while on their way to a construction job in their work truck. The collision cost them their tools and put them out of work while they recovered from significant injuries that required each to undergo surgery. 


When an elderly lady confused her gas and brake pedals, she sent her car shooting out of a fast-food drive thru into the parking lot of an adjacent donut shop, striking a young family that was in the process of getting into their parked car. Slingshot Law reached a settlement for the full available policy limits covering the incident after a brief lawsuit in Travis County, Texas. 


Motorcyclist killed by the driver of a local delivery van who crossed a double white line, making an illegal lane change in an effort to take a shortcut to her destination. The motorcyclist was survived by his three children, father, and estranged spouse.


When the driver of a small sedan proceeded through an intersection on a green light, a commercial vehicle coming from the driver’s left side ran a red light and smashed into the driver’s side door, fracturing his femur and hip.  We were able to obtain video of the collision on nearby surveillance cameras thanks to a prompt call for representation from the client.  The case settled shortly before trial was scheduled to occur in Austin, Texas.  


Motorcyclist broke his wrist and hip when the driver of a dually pickup truck rolled through a stop sign and failed to yield the right of way while crossing a highway in the rural Texas hill country.


Motorcyclist broke his hip when the driver of a Ram 1500 pickup truck failed to yield the right of way while exiting a private driveway.  The umbrella insurance policy limits were tendered shortly before we were scheduled to depose the defendant’s eye doctors who were treating him for glaucoma.


Driver of an SUV rear-ended by an 18-wheeler in Houston, TX. The collision resulted in minor damage to the SUV, but the driver sustained whiplash and spinal injuries requiring surgical intervention.


A poorly maintained box truck leaked fuel in an intersection, causing two vehicles to collide. Our client required neck and shoulder surgery. The insurer for the box truck denied liability initially, but ultimately tendered their full insurance policy limits shortly before trial.


Driver sustained spinal and head injuries in collision with a tractor-trailer that failed to yield the right of way while exiting a construction site. Our client’s first attorney was fired after obtaining a settlement offer of just $150,000. Six months after being hired, Slingshot Law obtained a policy limits settlement offer.


A husband and wife driving on I-35 in downtown Austin were rear-ended on a rainy night by an 18-wheeler driven by a man under the influence of illicit drugs. Slingshot Law obtained a policy limits settlement on our clients’ behalf.


Client involved in a head-on collision with another driver who was experiencing an epileptic seizure. Slingshot Law uncovered evidence of drug use and non-compliance with medical advice, which contributed to triggering the seizure that caused the collision. A month after the collision, the client returned to a chiropractor he’d previously seen for a similar injury. Ultimately, the injury required a cervical fusion surgery.


Driver of passenger vehicle rear-ended by a movie studio pick-up truck. Although the collision caused minimal damage to the vehicle, our client required immediate medical attention and cervical fusion surgery.


Five-year-old boy sustained a serious injury to his scalp after being bitten by an off-leash dog at a Travis County park. Slingshot Law obtained a policy limits settlement from the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.


Woman injured in a Bastrop County collision when an 18-wheeler failed to yield the right of way entering a highway. As a result of the collision, the woman underwent pain management injections and extensive physical therapy.


ACCC Insurance offered just $500 to a man who was rear-ended by an unlicensed driver. After a verdict from a Travis County jury, judgment was entered in our client’s favor in the amount of over $36,000, which ACCC paid in full, despite having only a $30,000 insurance policy.


Fred Loya offered a woman just $500 to compensate her for being rear-ended by their insured and sustaining $6,000 in mostly chiropractic medical bills. She hired Slingshot Law to fight them. On the courthouse steps, Fred Loya increased their offer to $11,500, which we rejected. After a Tarrant County jury returned a verdict in our client’s favor, we obtained a judgment of over $35,000, which Fred Loya paid in full, despite having only a $30,000 insurance policy.

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