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Austin Car Accident Lawyer

Has a car accident caused you great pain, expenses, and frustration? We know how hard it can be. Between ballooning medical bills, lost wages from missed work, property damage, and the physical and emotional trauma, dealing with a motor vehicle crash can feel like a full-time job and more. That’s why we remove the doubt from the equation and review your case for free.

Serving the People of Austin

An accident can happen anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re in Austin, TX, or from the surrounding areas outside the city, we’re on standby to help you get the compensation you deserve for your:

Medical bills

Lost income and wages

Pain and suffering

Other car accident-related losses

At Slingshot Law, we’re real-life trial lawyers—we know how to handle your case, no matter which direction the process may take us. We believe your serious injuries and suffering deserve serious compensation.

Steps to File
Austin Car Accident Claims

Your Car Accident Compensation Lifeline


Have car accident injuries and damages knocked you off course? We’re here to answer your questions and guide you each step of the way through the car accident claims process.

Steps to Filing a Lawsuit

You Contact an Attorney from Our Firm

After a car accident, you’re bound to feel beset by questions: How much is my claim worth? How do I prove negligence? Do I need to go to court? We know how painful and discouraging this process can seem—which is why we strive to give you answers from the first day you call.

We Review Your Claim

Car accidents can seem complicated from the outside—but we have the experience you need to determine fault. We find out which driver or party caused your accident, and we make sure to identify any possible pathway to proving liability and getting compensation.

You Receive Your Compensation

Our lawyers will handle all of the negotiation and paperwork involved from start to finish. We know how to negotiate with the insurance companies, and we are prepared to take your case to trial if need be. With us, you’re in good hands.

Our car accident lawyers will handle all of the negotiation and paperwork involved from start to finish. We know how to negotiate with the insurance companies, and we are prepared to take your case to trial if need be. With us, you’re in good hands.


Have you or a loved one been hurt in an accident? You need an attorney who can help you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Injured in a Car Accident? We’re Here for You

You never imagine needing an attorney until it happens to you. After an accident, you may feel uprooted, confused, and justifiably upset. But by making the call to an experienced car accident attorney with Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law, today, you’re taking the first step to a brighter future.

Here’s why our clients prefer us:

We Put People Above Profits

Not every law firm is built the same. Some competitors can leave you saddled with unexpected fees or unclear contractual language that actually leaves you owing money at the end. At Slingshot Law, we never take a fee that’s greater than a client’s disbursement on a car accident settlement.

Speak to an Attorney Whenever You Need to

Our legal assistants are highly qualified and empathetic people—but sometimes you need to speak to an attorney. Call us, get set up with an attorney, and receive access to them whenever you need them. We’ll even give you your attorney’s cell phone number for seamless contact when you need to touch base. Don’t be left out of the conversation.

We Make the Difference for Our Clients

We have the influence and experience to take on the insurance company—and even fight them in the courtroom if need be. We offer the dedicated attention of real trial attorneys. We’ve recovered tens of millions in compensation for our clients—will you be next?

What car accident clients say about us

Gibbs & Crivelli are simply, the most trustworthy, dependable, and most reliable injury attorneys I have ever dealt with. The outcome of my case far exceeded my expectations, and they are simply the best at what they do.

Kellie C.

I was injured in an auto accident. Crivelli was able to get us too care for our injuries and top dollar payouts. He is professional, knowledgeable and very trustworthy! Highly recommended.

Jessica B.

Scott was able to get my family more than 5 times as much as the insurance company was willing to offer. He took care of everything for us. Thank you Scott

Brad F.

Get Help from a Car Accident Lawyer in Austin Now

Frustrated and overwhelmed after a car accident? Experienced the wrongful death of a loved one? We’ll be your settlement process guides. Contact Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law, today to get started with a personalized plan and pathway to recovery. 

Ready for your free, no-obligation consultation with an Austin car accident lawyer? Call us at 800-488-7840 or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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