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San Marcos Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured because someone was careless with your safety? Your personal injury lawyer in San Marcos can help you get fairly compensated and recover from your injuries. 

A serious injury can happen anywhere and any time. Maybe you were at home when your toaster caught fire and burned you. Maybe a careless driver lost control and sideswiped you. Maybe you were getting your weekly groceries when you slipped and hurt your back on an untended spill. 

Worse, you’re not just hurt, you’re also facing debt and emotional suffering because of the accident. That suffering can feel impossible to overcome, especially when you’re looking at a complex legal claim. That’s where the lawyers at Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law can step in. We know you’re facing a difficult situation, and we’re here to help you get compensated. 

Who’s at Fault for a San Marcos Personal Injury?

Your San Marcos personal injury claim may be difficult to settle if you’re not sure who’s at fault for your injuries. Although the at-fault party in your car accident case may be the driver who rear-ended you. 

For example, let’s say you slipped and fell in a department store, or you were bitten by a dog. In both cases, no human directly harmed you, but someone is still responsible for your injuries. In these cases, the property owner or dog owner would be liable for your injuries, but how do you prove that? 

Your personal injury lawyer in San Marcos can help you investigate your claim. They have tools to help you identify the at-fault party. Once you know who’s liable for your injuries, you’re a step closer to suing for your losses. 

Compensation for San Marcos Injury Victims

But knowing who’s at fault for your injuries is only part of your San Marcos personal injury lawsuit. You also need to determine what your claim is worth. It’s easy to accept a low settlement for your damages because you just want this mess behind you. If you do accept a low settlement, though, it can make it difficult to overcome your injuries and pay for those losses without added financial strain. 

Your damages may include both economic and non-economic damages. That means you should receive compensation not only for your financial losses but also for the intangible mental and emotional suffering.

For example, if you suffered a spinal cord injury, you need compensation for more than your hospital bills. San Marcos residents may be due compensation for their loss of enjoyment of life. These damages may be intangible, but your personal injury lawyer has the tools to determine their monetary value. 

Seek Out a Personal Injury Lawyer in San Marcos

When you’re hurt because someone was negligent, it’s not easy getting compensated. You’re already facing serious injuries, and now you may be worried about your lack of experience. Juggling a lawsuit and your injuries isn’t easy, but that’s where a lawyer from Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law can step in. 

After a serious injury, a San Marcos personal injury lawyer can help you get fairly compensated for the losses you’ve suffered. You can even start with a free consultation when you call 800-488-7840 or complete the online contact form below.

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