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Austin Bus Accident Lawyer

When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a bus accident in Austin, you might not know whether a lawyer can help. 

Austin Bus Accident LawyerGibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law is a distinguished legal firm serving the Austin, Texas area, specializing in bus accident cases. With a wealth of experience in personal injury related matters in Austin TX, and a dedicated focus on representing individuals impacted by bus accidents, Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law provides compassionate and skilled legal advocacy to clients throughout Austin and its surroundings. They understand the complexities involved in bus accident cases and are committed to fighting for the rights of those injured in such incidents.

Public transportation can be great, but who’s responsible when you’re injured in an accident? An Austin bus accident lawyer can help you understand your options, including for a personal injury settlement.

Considerations for Austin Bus Accident Victims

As options for public transportation such as buses grow in urbanized areas, so do the risks for accidents to occur. A bus accident, because of the sheer size of the vehicle at-hand, can cause severe injuries in worst-case scenarios. Often, these injuries involve costly medical treatment and can impact your ability to work while you recover.

From the vantage point of a victim, there are three ways a bus accident could impact them:

  • As a passenger on a bus involved in an accident – Often, while riding the bus, our personal safety can be compromised. Think about the times you’ve been forced to hang on to a ceiling strap or handrail while the bus sharply maneuvers. When the bus you’re riding on crashes, it’s possible for you to suffer injuries related to the accident.
  • As the driver of another vehicle struck by a bus – When a smaller passenger vehicle like a compact car is hit by a bus, the potential exists for serious damages not to yourself and your passengers, but to your vehicle. A totaling accident can leave you with significant expenses, both medical- and auto-related.
  •  As a pedestrian struck by a bus – Although buses are supposed to respect crosswalks and other areas where pedestrians have the right-of-way, it’s still possible to be injured by a bus while walking, jogging, or riding your bike. Often, these types of pedestrian accidents are catastrophic and in some cases results in wrongful death.

Regardless of the nature of your accident, you might be able to recover damages for your injuries through a civil lawsuit. In order to do so, you must investigate the unique facts of your incident and file a personal injury claim before the deadline set by the statute of limitations. Although this can be complicated, an Austin commercial bus accident lawyer can help give you a fighting chance.

Negotiating Austin Bus Accident Damages with an Insurance Company

Understanding the value of your claim following an Austin bus accident can be difficult. For starters, shared-fault laws in Texas means being partially responsible for the accident could reduce the value of your settlement when applicable. Furthermore, understanding who’s at fault can be difficult when you’re dealing with multiple parties.

Insurance companies are notorious for protecting their own interests in personal injury cases, so you’ll likely need to negotiate a settlement that truly covers your damages.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer in Austin

When you’re injured by a bus, don’t take the risk of assuming an insurance company will protect your interests. The lawyers at Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law are trusted to take on the insurance giants and win key settlements for their clients in Austin, Texas.

Interested in contacting an Austin bus accident lawyer at our firm? Call 800-488-7840 or fill out the online form on this page to schedule your free, no-hassle consultation.

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