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Austin Truck Accident FAQ

Many Austin drivers will suffer a car accident in some way, shape, or form throughout their lifetime. However, an unlucky number of drivers will suffer a collision with a commercial truck.

Driving next to a commercial truck in a car can be daunting. The sheer size difference is nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, there is reason to be nervous. There are roughly 388,000 commercial truck accidents in the U.S. annually. Approximately 110,000 of these result in injuries, with about 40,000 ending with fatalities. 

After a commercial truck accident in Austin, you will likely be stressed and injured, with lots of questions that need answering. We at Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law hope that some of the information below will be helpful to you in this difficult time.

Should I call the police after my truck accident?

In Texas, you are legally obligated to file a police report after an accident if someone is injured, there is property damage over $1,000, or there is a fatality.

Calling the police to the scene eliminates your obligation to file a report, as they will do it themselves. This will be a useful record to access in the future.

Who determines liability in my truck accident case?

In Texas, several factors determine liability in truck accident cases. The police report is one important factor, but also considered is your statement, the statement of the other drivers involved, and any statements from eyewitnesses. Photographs are also used in the determination.

Commercial truck accidents are different because agencies other than the police, such as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) may investigate, especially in the case of larger companies.

The fault is determined by a trier of fact. In an informal setting, this individual could be an insurance adjuster. In a more formal setting, this individual or individuals would be a judge or jury.

Should I seek medical attention following my accident?

Always seek medical attention following your accident, regardless of whether you feel like you are injured. In accidents, it’s common for a victim to be pain-free for a few hours following the incident due to adrenaline. Adrenaline can cover up serious injuries. Don’t trust your body to tell you how injured you are. Seek professional care immediately.

It’s also good to have an official record of your injuries to reference later in your case as needed. This record can help you prove the extent of your injuries and your progress in healing. 

What should I do if the insurance company contacts me?

Don’t speak to the other driver’s insurance. There is nothing to gain and lots to lose. It’s in your best interest to let your attorney handle all communications with your insurance company.

Unfortunately, despite being funded by the hard-earned money of their clients, insurance companies are for-profit businesses. This means that they will do everything they can to offer you the smallest settlement possible so that you will get out of their hair.

An experienced attorney knows how to spot a lowball offer from a mile away and can help prevent you from being taken advantage of.

How long do I have to file a suit after my Austin truck accident?

The deadline to file a suit for your accident, or the statute of limitations, is two years from the date of your accident. However, the sooner you’re able to file your suit, the better. The evidence you need may deteriorate or disappear the longer you wait.

What damages can I receive following my accident?

You can recover damages for any expenses incurred due to your accident, such as medical expenses, lost income from being out of work to recover, and lost future income if you are unable to return to your career.

Depending on the circumstance, you may also choose to pursue non-economic damages for more amorphous concepts such as pain and suffering. If the other driver was being particularly irresponsible, you may even decide to pursue punitive damages, which are solely intended to punish the guilty party for reckless or malicious behavior.

Seek Out a Truck Accident Attorney in Austin

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a truck accident in Austin, Texas, don’t hesitate to contact legal counsel. With the support of the excellent attorneys at Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law, you stand the best chance at recovering all the damages you are owed. 

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