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Can I Change My Accident Lawyer?

Are you having problems communicating with your Austin accident lawyer? They failed to explain their strategy, you don’t agree with their current approach, they won’t give you sufficient updates of your case, and now you don’t even trust their ability to fight for your compensation.

Many accident victims come to us with one of the above or more complaints about their current legal representation, all with the same question, “Can I change my accident lawyer?” 

What You Should Know About Changing Your Lawyer

There are many reasons you might want to change your lawyer. Before going ahead with the process, it’s better to speak with them first about the issue at hand. It might turn out to be a simple misunderstanding after all. You might also be wondering if you need to sue for damages.

However, if you’ve already tried solving the problem but to no avail, then it’s time to start thinking about a new lawyer. You can also make this change at any stage of your claim unless the judge feels that the decision will significantly delay the trial.

Remember, when you do this, your previous lawyer will still be entitled to a fee owing to any work they’ve done on your case. However, the plaintiff shouldn’t have to bear any extra cost. The legal fees should come from the previously agreed percentage, with both lawyers sharing the amount depending on their contribution to the case.  

How to Change an Accident Lawyer

If you’ve made the decision, start by going through the contracts you signed with your existing lawyer. This ensures that you’re not in breach of any legally binding agreements and will help you understand your payment arrangements. 

After this, start looking for a new lawyer and when successful, send a notice to your current attorney about the change. Your new lawyer is likely to oversee the exchange of case files, discuss a fee-sharing agreement, as well as file any documents related to the switch if required by the court.

Get a Case Evaluation with a New Accident Lawyer

Now that you know whether and how you can change an accident lawyer, it’s time to make the decision. When it comes to an injury lawsuit, a lot of things in your life and those of your loved ones depend on how well your attorney performs in getting you a proper settlement.

Schedule a free consultation with an accident lawyer from Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law to help you chart the best way forward. Call us at 800-488-7840 or fill out an online form with a few details about your case and we will quickly respond.

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