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Cedar Park Car Accident Lawyer

Suffering injuries in a car accident can be complicated, but an experienced lawyer can review your case in Cedar Park. 

Following a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you might be entitled to financial compensation. A Cedar Park car accident lawyer could help you win a maximum settlement.

Contributing Factors in Cedar Park Car Accidents

When we suffer injuries in an accident, the consequences can be devastating. Car accidents can be the cause of injuries ranging from mild to severe, such as broken bones, head, or neck injuries. Waiting to seek medical attention could aggravate your injuries further, and your medical bills can start to pile up.

To make matters worse, recovering at home can lead you to miss work and, as a result, your much-needed paycheck. Often, Cedar Park car accident victims can feel a deep sense of injustice knowing that someone else is the culprit for their injuries.

Car accidents are often the result of the carelessness of a negligent driver. When a driver endangers others with their driving, victims are able to pursue financial compensation through a civil suit. Some of the types of accidents that lead to lawsuits could include:

  • Accidents caused by DWIs
  • Accidents caused by speeding
  • Accidents caused by inattentive drivers
  • Accidents caused by inexperienced drivers

Regardless of the facts underlying your case, proving another driver’s negligence could allow you to win economic damages that cover your accident-related expenses. Examples include bills for visits to a doctor or therapist, compensation for missed work, or for emotional suffering.

Negotiating a Just Settlement for Your Cedar Park Car Accident

Recovering damages is never easy. Victims must first compile evidence using police reports, doctors’ notes, and eyewitness interviews to build their case. Later, you will have to make your case, either inside a courtroom or to the at-fault party’s insurance company.

In reality, most cases are settled outside of court. But victims are cautioned that most insurance companies will look out only for their own interests by offering the lowest settlement possible. This is why consulting an experienced car accident attorney in Cedar Park is a good option for victims looking to ensure they get a fair deal.

Deadline for Filing a Cedar Park Car Accident Claim

Texas’ statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits means that car accident victims will generally have two years from the date of their accident to file a claim. Submitting a claim after the deadline will almost certainly cause it to be discarded.

Speak to a Car Accident Lawyer in Cedar Park Today

Although it’s never too early to file a car accident claim, the two-year statute of limitations can sometimes mean that for many victims, sadly, it is too late. Reaching out to an experienced Cedar Park car accident lawyer as soon as you’re aware of your injuries is a good first step.

At Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law, our attorneys can use their experience negotiating with the insurance companies to get you the best deal possible. We offer free, no-hassle consultations. Call 800-488-7840 or fill out the form below to schedule yours today.

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