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What Is the Car Accident Statute of Limitations in Texas?

When you’ve been injured in an accident, how long do you have to file a claim for damages against the at-fault party?

Generally speaking, the Texas statute of limitations imposes a two-year deadline for seeking compensatory and other forms of relief after a car accident. 

Read on to learn about the implications of the statute of limitations for your car accident claim in Texas. Then contact a local car accident lawyer for help with your claim.

How Long Do I Have to File Suit?

The statute of limitations is one of the most important considerations you can have as a plaintiff after a car accident. 

Think of it as a deadline. If you wait until after the deadline passes to file your car accident claim, you may not have legal recourse—and the defendant could simply ask a judge to dismiss the action in court. 

However, there is a reason we say that the statute of limitations is a general guideline. In fact, under certain circumstances, it may be different.

Some of these exceptions to the rule are more significant than others. Below, we’ve included a quick breakdown. 

  • Statute of Limitations That End on a Weekend of Holiday – According to the Texas civil code, if the deadline for filing falls on a weekend, holiday, or similar, the deadline is extended until the next day that your local county office is open. 
  • The Crash Involved a Government Agency or Employee – Suing the government, as it were, is a process governed by different rules. Normally, to file a claim against the government, you need to do so within six months of the accident occurring, in addition to properly notifying ahead of time. 
  • The Date of Discovery Is After the Date of the Accident – If you were not aware of your injuries until sometime after the accident in question, the statutory deadline could be extended until two years after the so-called date of discovery. 

The law surrounding car accident litigation in Texas can be complicated. If you’re unsure, consider consulting an attorney for free. 

Don’t Wait—Contact a Car Accident Lawyer 

The statute of limitations for your car accident claim could be less or more time than you imagine. An experienced attorney with Gibbs & Crivelli, Slingshot Law can give you the legal counsel you need to recover a settlement. 

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