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Who We Are

This law firm is built upon the premise that every person, no matter how big or small, is entitled to a fair fight. When you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, we want to be the game-changing weapon in your battle against the insurance company giants seeking to deny you fair compensation for your harms and losses. Gibbs & Crivelli is the slingshot in your battle against Goliath.

Early in their careers, Drew Gibbs and Scott Crivelli cut their teeth in the courtroom fighting for others. Drew as a former prosecutor for the State of Texas, and Scott as an active duty Army JAG Officer. Through these experiences, both developed a sense of duty to help victims in their time of greatest need against long odds.

Gibbs & Crivelli has a great disdain for bullies and “giants” who take advantage of good people in their time of need. There are no more unscrupulous and well-funded giants than the insurance companies seeking to deny you just and fair compensation when you’ve been injured through the fault of their insured. Insurance companies have their own playbook that they employ in almost every case to reduce the compensation you’ll recover. Gibbs & Crivelli is very familiar with this playbook. These insurance companies are the Goliath that Gibbs & Crivelli will help you take on.

Our attorneys personally will fight for you and take your case to trial when that’s what it takes to make Goliath provide you with the compensation you deserve. When insurance companies choose to gamble with your future for the benefit of their bottom line, we will even your odds and make sure their bet doesn’t payoff. We want to be part of your winning team. We believe we can be the best personal injury attorneys in Texas for you. We want to be the slingshot in your personal battle against the insurance company Goliaths.

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